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  • MyWISE-PaaS Magazine Embedded IoT 2021 (EN)


    In line with global technology trends, the theme of this issue is Edge Intelligence. We explore the use of edge and AI applications that showcase the joint effort between Advantech and ecosystem partners, not only on hardware platforms but also on edge software, industrial apps, and cloud development.

    MyWISE-PaaS Magazine Transportation 2021 (EN)


    This issue focuses on the evolution of technologies and the trending smart applications in smart transportation. Several industry professionals have shared their opinions and analysis covering the practical aspects of application development.

    MyWISE-PaaS Magazine Healthcare 2021 (EN)


    In this issue, several industry professionals share their views regarding the practical aspects of application development. Additionally, we provide eight case studies detailing Advantech’s co-creation efforts with global partners to educate readers about the latest developments in telemedicine and telehealth.

    MyWISE-PaaS Magazine E&E 2020-2021 (EN)


    The main topic of this current issue of My WISEPaaS is the creation and promotion of local service ecosystems. Together with domain-focused solution integrators(DFSIs) domain specific energy and environment(E&E) solutions are co-created. This issue also features eight insightful cases concerning environmentally sustainable smart applications.

    MyWISE-PaaS Magazine Industry 4.0 2020-2021 (EN)


    The theme of this issue of MyWISE-PaaS Industry 4.0 focuses on the evolution of technologies and the trending smart applications in Industry 4.0. Several industry professionals have shared their opinions and analysis covering the practical aspects of application development.

    MyAdvantech Magazine - Special Edition(EN)


    Advantech is publishing this MyAdvantech Special Edition to promote the deployment of virus fighting technology under COVID-19 pandemic. Inside there are 9 case studies from Europe, the U.S., and Asia that showcase how intelligent technology can be used to protect public health and well-being.

  • MyWISE-PaaS Magazine Embedded (EN)


    In this edition we look at the new application trends in Embedded-IoT, and we invited experts and scholars and related software and hardware solution partners to present their personal opinions to help system operators successfully ride the wave of AIoT business opportunities.

    MyWISE-PaaS Magazine iCS (EN)


    This issue of My WISE-PaaS focuses on the theme iCity Service, exploring the use of smart urban applications in areas including retail, hospitality, F&B and public space based on trend observations and case studies, as well as examining this topic from the perspectives of technology platforms and the concept of co-creation.

    MyWISE-PaaS iLogistics (ENG)


    the magazine highlights Advantech IoT applications and AI video solution in logistics industry.

    MyWISE-PaaS Magazine E&E (EN)


    This edition highlights a lot of Advantech IoT applications in energy and environmental (E&E) management.

    MyWISE-PaaS Magazine Healthcare (EN)


    This edition highlights how AI and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) revitalize the medical industry.

    MyWISE-PaaS Magazine Industry 4.0 (EN)


    In the world of IoT, how to integrate operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) and rapidly upgrading legacy systems for successful transition into the Industry 4.0 era?

  • Global MyAdvantech Magazine No. 23


    This edition introduced Advantech’s 2018 IoT Co-Creation Summit in Suzhou. It provided the ideal situation to showcase the results achieved by Advantech and its partners. Co-creation is more than just a business model; it is a deeper value-creation concept and a platform where partners can share resources and expedite the the realization of IoT.

    Global MyAdvantech Magazine No. 22


    “MyAdvantech Magazine” has opened a new column, named as “IoT.SENSE” (IoT Solution Enabling Services). And will propose its new IoT.SENSE vision and lead our readers to the IoT world to explore every data-driven possibility through WISE-PaaS, Solution Ready Package(SRP), and Advantech’s altruistic philosophy (co-creation).

    MyAdvantech Winter 2017 No.39



    MyAdvantech Spring 2017 No.37



    MyAdvantech Summer&Autumn 2017 No.38



    Global MyAdvantech Magazine No. 19


    This edition highlights the "Fleet Management Systems" that crosses businesses and boundaries with several industrial applications.

  • Global MyAdvantech Magazine No. 18


    This edition introduces several application stories of digital singage; and also discusses the future of the industry.

    Global MyAdvantech Magazine No. 17


    This edition introduces several applications of "Intelligent-driven Management Optimizes Urban Res